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For nearly two decades, Lincoln Business Machines has maintained its reputation as a leader of computer services, repair, and networking. Our resume of diverse clients and professions, affords us the ability to find current practical solutions within a clear financial plan. In order to establish the best-of-class solution, our adept team provides individualized attention to each client and their specifications. With this corporate mission in mind, Lincoln Business Machines strives to be the most innovative technology company in the country.

About Us

Lincoln Business Machines, Inc was founded in 1992 by Lev and Boris Shapiro. Since then, we have achieved a widely-known reputation for providing excellent computer service for hundreds of business and residential clients in the tri-state area.


Lev Shapiro received his training in mechanical engineering at the National Technical University in Belarus, specializing in hand operated printing machines. In 1992, LBM started as a typewriter, printer and copier repair shop on New York City's Upper West Side. In 1995, his son, Boris Shapiro, introduced computer repair and service.

Boris Shapiro, current CEO at LBM, received his BA in Computer Science, and holds a variety of advanced Network Engineering certifications.  LBM team members are hand-picked based on their skill and technical experience, and are driven to stay ahead of the curve on the latest technologies to better serve their clients' evolving needs. 


Lincoln Business Machines, Inc
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