Pro-Active Server Monitoring

Monitoring and Response Services for Your Server’s Now you can maximize your uptime through LBM’s proven management services and Customer Support. Our Pro-Active Monitoring and Alert services let us monitor your Server services and hardware in detail and respond to any issues that may occur. When a server problem arises, LBM’s system administration team proactively notifies you and resolves the problem. Now you can rest at night knowing our certified technicians are ready to jump into action

Key Benefits:

Save Time, Less Management
Offloading server monitoring tasks to LBM allows you to focus on growing your business.

Reduce Your Downtime
Proven server monitoring systems alert our admins to current problems and possible future issues through extensive trends analysis.

Pro-Active Customer Support
We monitor your hardware and software, allowing us to proactively resolve possible service outages.

Save money by outsourcing IT hosting administration. No contract required.

Find out more about our services by calling (212) 769-0606.

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